America 2005

Haunted houses, merry-go-round martinis, fake ruins, rhyming food, fireworks, flags, and a proposal.

Country Number 26

Jun 4, 2005
In which Damon goes inside.

Awesome Blossom

Jun 13, 2005
In which Damon discusses food in America.

Starving Hysterical Naked

Jun 20, 2005
In which Damon nerds out over San Francisco.

Prophecies and Portents in San Francisco

Jun 27, 2005
In which Damon contemplates the future and gives Siobhan yeast

Barbeques, Fireworks, and Flags

Jul 6, 2005
In which Damon considers the Fourth of July

The Red Woods

Jul 13, 2005
In which Damon springs a surprise.

The Great American Road Trip

Jul 18, 2005
America is big. Really, really big.

Orange and Black

Jul 26, 2005
In which Damon and Siobhan go to the big game.

Rogue's Gallery

Aug 1, 2005
Damon and Siobhan visit Sin City.

Ghosts of the Gun

Aug 7, 2005
In which Damon and Siobhan see a haunted house and feel the rays.


Aug 21, 2005
The trip comes to an end, with some bits left over.