Europe and Asia 2003

Four months, twenty-three countries, Hong Kong gangsters, naked Turks, oompah bands, locust dinners, sumo, Segways, Shakespeare, and the pope.


Aug 20, 2003
Welcome to the site!

Mind Your Head

Aug 22, 2003
An amusing collection of signs from Hong Kong.

A Danger to Himself and Others

Aug 23, 2003
Getting lost in Kowloon - once again! - but this time with good reason.

Typhoon Rolex and Turkish Millionaire

Aug 26, 2003
In which Damon has more adventures in Hong Kong, leaves, and lands in Istanbul.

Enjoying the company of naked men

Aug 27, 2003
Like most report titles, not nearly as bad as it sounds.


Aug 30, 2003
A quick update from a lovely pension in Koycegiz

Eleven Thousand Years in the Making

Sep 5, 2003
Getting back to basics in the spinning capital of the world.

Ankara by Midnight

Sep 13, 2003
In which I contemplate the quality of bathroom facilities in Turkey's capital, and elsewhere.

The Best Damn Pizza in the World

Sep 19, 2003
In which Tunisia disappears off the map, and Damon writes his introduction in the third person

The Ear of the Tyrant

Sep 24, 2003
In which Damon discovers the desserts of Sicily

The Heads of Tarxien Women and Shipwrecked Apostles

Oct 2, 2003
In which Damon contemplates the islands of Malta, and meets the Pope.


Oct 10, 2003
In which that which was prophesied came to pass

Pagans and Pringles

Oct 14, 2003
In which Damon explores Tolkien's Oxford, and disrupts the contemplations of other tourists.

Jerry Springer: The Opera

Oct 20, 2003
In which Damon wishes he were kidding, he really, really does.

Sweden in Shadow

Oct 24, 2003
In which Damon roughs it on the streets of Stockholm.

Strange Things I Have Put In My Mouth

Nov 1, 2003
Or, why locusts gave me a sore throat.

Austrian Picture Show

Nov 12, 2003
Being a true and accurate* account of Damon in Vienna, with illustrations.

A Mad Dash for Liechtenstein

Nov 12, 2003
A brief supplement to the picture show, detailing Damon's long-delayed entry into central Europe.

Just a Moment

Nov 18, 2003
In which Damon expands on some of the quiet contemplative moments in his trip.

d'Entre les Morts

Nov 21, 2003
Or, I See Paris, I See France.

Slice of Half-Life

Nov 26, 2003
Which you read at your own peril.

The Vicarious Traveller

Dec 2, 2003
In which Damon finds out what it is like to be a first-time traveller.

The Only Tourist in Monaco

Dec 6, 2003
Or, why floods in the south of France are actually a good thing. For me.

All Roads Lead to Rome ... Eventually

Dec 10, 2003
Group psychology in crisis situations.

Burning Down the House

Dec 17, 2003
In which Damon and Charlotte keep warm in Kyoto.

Not the Final Report

Dec 24, 2003
A few season's greetings and special reminders.


Jan 16, 2004
The End.

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October 31, 2004
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